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Reignite your organization by completing a powerful strategic planning process. Fine-tune your organizational foundation in preparation for future fundraising success.


Crescendo Fundraising Professionals uses a strengths-based model of strategic planning to assist small to large organizations in developing a roadmap for the future. This process assists non-profits in getting to the point of organizational strength and programmatic delivery to be ready for a campaign readiness study prior to a capital campaign or in preparation for an organizational shift.




    Through several sessions (in person, online, over a period of several days or in one intensive session) Crescendo Fundraising Professionals will guide the process in discovery of what is and what could be followed by mapping out how to get there with goals, objectives, and yearly activities. [Additional support could include budgeting, action plans, and board, staffing and financial assessments.]

    Crescendo Fundraising Professionals will deliver a comprehensive report on findings after analyzing the organization's finances, reviewing surveys from key stakeholders, and assessing past strategic planning efforts. The strategic plan will be presented for the organization to adopt for future organizational and financial success.

    Contact Crescendo today for a free, no obligation cost quote to help your organization develop plans vital to a successful fundraising program. We look forward to hearing from you!

    In addition, we recommend considering adding a yearly or  bi-annual review of the plan to continue progress.

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