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Confident, empowered, and productive volunteer leaders are the key to successful campaigns; however, the right support is absolutely critical to develop these individuals. That is where Crescendo comes in. We help ensure all campaign elements are developed and the process is clear, enjoyable and rewarding.

References and recommendations from our previous clients offer Crescendo’s best advertising. Contact our past volunteer leaders to understand our planning, process, management, training, and the administrative styles of our consultants. Our references will share the commitment we bring to all fundraising projects.

Managed a $1.2M capital campaign for a multi-state recreational trail.

Leighton Wilke
Flyway Trail Treasurer
Flyway Trail
Alma, Wisconsin

Managing a $7M capital campaign for library expansion.

Kimberly Hennings
Deputy Director
LE Phillips Memorial
Public Library
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 8.24.29 AM.png
City of Chippewa Falls 

Managed a public-private partnership with the $2M Chippewa Riverfront Campaign (the final private funding phase of a 20-year river revitalization project).

Jayson Smith 
Former Director | 715-864-5766 
Mayor Greg Hoffman 

Hired to fundraise $3.25M for a renovated and expanded Welcome Center, Small Animal building and Aviary. Raised $4M.

Dick Hebert 
Parks and Recreation Director
Beth Arenberg 
Park Board President
Chippewa Falls Parks
and Recreation
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Hired to manage a $2M capital campaign for expansion and renovation.

Anne Snow
Executive Director | 608-784-2652
Children's Museum
of La Crosse
La Crosse, Wisconsin

Hired to fundraise $2.5M campaign
to triple the library.

Kay Walsh
Library Board of Trustees President 715-247-3423
Somerset Public
Somerset, Wisconsin

Hired to fundraise $2.1M to triple the Faribault Area Senior Center.

Mona Kaiser
Executive Director | 507-332-7357
Faribault Area Senior Citizen Center
Faribault, Minnesota
Screen Shot 2024-01-18 at 8.16.54 AM.png
Hope Village
Chippewa Falls, WI

Hired to raise $2.7M for a small community of temporary and transitional homes and apartments.

Mike Cohoon  
Co-Chair | 715-210-5405
Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 12.00.11 PM.png
Aquatic Center and Park
Nevada, Iowa

Hired to fundraise $4.5M for aquatic center and recreational park as part of an $8.8 million total project.

Tim Hansen
515- 382-4352
Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 12.02.38 PM.png
Public Library and School Athletic Fields
Denver, Iowa

Hired to fundraise $2.3M for the Denver School District.

Don Timmerman
Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 12.05_edited.jpg
Aquatic Center
Carlisle, Iowa

Hired to fundraise $2.5M for a new community aquatic center

City of Carlisle
Josephine Tope Community Auditorium
Nevada, Iowa

Hired to fundraise $4M for a new community and school theater. 

Greg Madsen

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