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At Crescendo, we follow a three-step capital campaign fundraising process which typically spans 12-18 months to reach the goal.

Crescendo analyzes interest in the project, the area's general financial capacity, and volunteer leadership potential. This critical element lays the foundation and strategy for the pre-campaign and campaign phases.


  • Review of local support base and economic conditions

  • Confidential interviews to identify campaign leadership and significant gifts

  • Full report of favorable conditions, potential obstacles and strategic recommendations

First step in a capital campaign management process

Crescendo consultants provide careful, ongoing management once the campaign is in motion to ensure continued urgency and momentum until the goal is reached:


  • Results-oriented solicitation training for all volunteers 

  • Coordination of public launch event when 60-70% of the goal has been reached

  • Social media presence established for additional community visibility and support 

Third step in a capital campaign management process

Once a goal has been established as attainable, Crescendo consultants work with you to develop campaign rationale, cultivate leadership for the campaign process, and build key volunteer committees. This time-intensive phase sets the stage for successful fundraising:


  • Case Statement and rationale development support to build credibility and buy-in

  • Volunteer training for committees including Steering, Communications, and Building
    Secure lead gifts and recruit additional donors

Second step in a capital campaign management process
Flywat Trail construction photo from Bridging the Bluffs Campaign by Crescendo Fundraising
Jim Wilke 
Bridging the Bluffs Co-Chair

Alma, Wisconsin

Crescendo Fundraising took the vague hope of a small group of passionate cyclists and transformed them into real prospects and a seven figure bank account. Ellen and her team did this during the worst plague and the most rapid economic collapse in history. Their expertise and sparkle are deeply appreciated.  When this whole adventure began, I thought the costs of raising the cash we needed were very high; now I see that your success despite this catastrophic year is a rare achievement and a genuine bargain. Bridging the Bluffs campaign is a project by Flyway Trail.

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