Three steps are involved in Crescendo’s fundraising capital campaign process which typically takes approximately 12-18 months to reach the goal. Pledges remitted over three years or longer based on the desires of the client. Consulting fees are usually added to the goal providing repayment to the client for fundraising consulting services through the pledge remittance process.

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Professionals research and evaluate the interest in the project, lead and major gifts, the area's general financial capacity, economic conditions and volunteer leadership potential. This critical element lays the foundation and strategy for the pre-campaign and campaign phases.

Although there are several approaches to a campaign readiness study, the most common involves confidential interviews with your key constituents to identify potential campaign leadership and significant gifts. Crescendo’s consultants prepare and present a full report outlining favorable conditions, potential obstacles and specific strategic recommendations designed to reach your goal.


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With careful management, this phase is carefully monitored to continue providing urgency and momentum until the goal is reached. Solid solicitation training is conducted for all volunteers. A public launch event is held when 60 to 70 percent of goal has been reached to garner additional support and awareness. Social media platforms are established. Still more volunteers are recruited, and pledges increase.


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Once a Campaign Readiness Study identifies a goal is attainable and the client wishes to embark on a campaign, the next stage is developing leadership throughout the campaign process with volunteer committees including Steering, Case Statement development, Communications, Prospect development and the Building Committee.

Completing The Case Statement or project rationale is a vital step. This brings credibility to your project's vision for the your mission and its future. Volunteer campaign leaders are recruited, communications materials are designed and produced, prospects are identified, lead gifts are cultivated, and additional donors are recruited. This prepares the foundation for a successful campaign. This phase is the most time intensive and is designed to create credibility and excitement toward the reaching the fundraising goal.

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