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Leighton Wilke 
Bridging the Bluffs Co-Chair

Alma, Wisconsin

Crescendo Fundraising took the vague hope of a small group of passionate cyclists and transformed them into real prospects and a seven figure bank account. Ellen and her team did this during the worst plague and the most rapid economic collapse in history. Their expertise and sparkle are deeply appreciated.  When this whole adventure began, I thought the costs of raising the cash we needed were very high; now I see that your success despite this catastrophic year is a rare achievement and a genuine bargain. Bridging the Bluffs campaign is a project by Flyway Trail.

Barb Tzanakis 
Chippewa Riverfront Co-Chair

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The experience with Crescendo Fundraising has been extremely fulfilling. I appreciate the way Ellen Hongerholt guided us through the process, offering suggestions and solutions to our roadblocks. The entire process was managed with insightful options for methodologies to communicate to potential donors. The “Launch Party” event (where the fundraising need was rolled out to the general population) was well planned and executed. All of the fundraising information was choreographed and professional in presentation. Ellen made the entire process easily managed, having the right volunteers in their most effective roles and the event was appreciated by the attendees. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Mona Kaiser 
Faribault Area Senior Center Executive Director

Faribault, Minnesota

I highly recommend Crescendo Fundraising Professionals. I found Ellen conscientious, dedicated, hard working and reliable. She believed in our project, wanted our fundraising effort to be successful and did everything in her power to make sure that we were. Ellen is highly organized in a variety of ways, leaving our building project efforts able to run effectively even after she had completed her campaign process. When first impressions are important, Ellen is an individual who embodies this definition. She is always prepared, in addition to being well-spoken, well-dressed and well-written -- giving everyone the accurate impression that she is knowledgeable and confident in her work. I believe you will be very pleased with Ellen and her advisors.

Jane Glander 
President, Wabasha, Regional Event and Conference Center Board of Directors

Wabasha, Minnesota

Our team in Wabasha, Minnesota worked with Crescendo advisors to create a comprehensive Case Statement to present to the Minnesota legislature outlining a project in Wabasha which was seeking funding. This process involved three organizations and a sizeable amount of work and information, studies and materials. They completed an exciting presentation on the three-pronged project in great fashion and on deadline! The finished product was very professional and made us proud to present it to the Minnesota Senators. They were fantastic to work with, easy to contact, and wanted feedback to make the case statement the best it could be. It is not everyday I am able work with a team that is so professional and who embodies such an outstanding work ethic and high energy.  I would highly recommend Crescendo professionals!

Jon Lineweaver 
Former member Wabasha Port Authority

Wabasha, Minnesota

I can truthfully say that as an economic development agency there has not been a decision made that has had more direct benefit to the Wabasha community than the Port Authority's decision to retain Crescendo professionals to manage the capital campaign for the National Eagle Center (NEC). Not only was their experience and professionalism in the initial assessment and the building of a successful campaign organization proven invaluable, but their role in solving a major issue that the leaders of this community struggled with for years, (that is the governance of the National Eagle Center) made a significant difference in the success of campaign and the organization. I have recounted our campaign story numerous times to others, crediting Crescendo  with how that came to be with the firm in essence acting as a defacto outside management consultant.  Many times I have said we wouldn’t have the NEC as we know it today without Crescendo!

Beth Arneberg 
Former Chippewa Falls Park Board President

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The Park Board of Chippewa Falls was charged with hiring a firm to raise funds for a new Welcome Center, Small Animal and Aviary Building for our Irvine Park and Zoo. Personally, I had NO previous experience with a capital campaign. The consultants  came into their initial interview having to educate us on why it was vital to hire a consulting firm. They did a great job persuading us that we did have to hire outside help to raise the $3.25M needed to complete the project. However, even then, were still not sure, and we went on to interview a total of seven firms. Finally, convinced they are the real deal, and that yes, we would need to spend money to raise money, we hired them. We have not regretted it for minute. Not only have they helped us raise the funds in record time, but we look to exceed our goal! They use their time-tested method and engaging personalities to bring in the whole community. In the end, we had over 50 volunteers working on different aspects of the campaign. It has been an amazing and humbling experience to watch the support for this project grow. We could not have done it as quickly or as painlessly without Crescendo and their excellent professional consultants. We ultimately far exceeded our results raising more than $4M.

Don Timmerman 
President Timmerman Advertising

Cedar Falls, Iowa

It was been my privilege to work with Crescendo’s consultants on two, multi-million dollar campaigns in the Cedar Valley Iowa area. Although I have worked on several fundraising projects in the past, it wasn't until I had the opportunity to work with Crescendo that I really found out that there's a lot more to fundraising than just asking people for money. Fundraising is a science!They research the specific needs of each project, develop a plan, and follow the steps necessary to guarantee success. They work well with the fundraising committees, advising and guiding volunteers throughout the process. The rapport they develop with possible donors, along with their expertise in working with leaders of communities, helps ensure successful projects.

Crescendo Fundraising Professionals will exceed your expectations!

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