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Fall Creek Public Library Campaign Readiness Study

The Fall Creek Library Board of Directors will begin a Campaign Readiness Study to determine the financial capacity, leadership potential, general interest, and economic climate for a possible $8M campaign. The study will examine the support, opportunities, or challenges to raise funds for a proposed 18,700 sq. ft. building facility, including designated space for the Library, Community Center, public meeting spaces, and Village offices on the West of Mill Pond, North of Lincoln Avenue. 

The Campaign Readiness Study Summit will be held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on June 20 and 21, 2024 with private, confidential interviews and focus groups. Feedback can also be completed on an online public survey one month before the Study Summit.

“Fall Creek Public Library’s tradition of providing resources, holding events, and promoting community involvement has enriched the Village of Fall Creek for more than 60 years. This project represents a significant milestone in the community’s journey to serve our residents and create facilities that foster learning, community building, collaboration, and enrichment for generations to come,” said Tim Raap, Fall Creek Village Board President.

According to Charlene Conradi, Fall Creek Library Director, the library expansion is proposed to become the heartbeat of Fall Creek. Last year the library served 12,100 annual patrons with 1,850 program attendees. The library has 900 current cardholders, more than 20 community partnerships, and nearly 25,000 library resources were checked out.

“It is difficult to serve our current needs much less future needs with only 3,000 sq. ft. The lack of space limits the library in many ways,” says Conradi.

Beginning in the summer of 2023, the Library Board approved a Strategic Plan, completed a Space Needs Analysis, and began working with Lien & Peterson Architects to form an architectural proposal for the new multi-purpose building.

 Village leaders are looking for the Library, a Community Center, community meeting rooms, and Village offices to become the community’s centerpiece to provide the following benefits:

●       Library expansion

●       Study and collaboration spaces, including additional children’s and teen spaces

●       Public meeting rooms for small and large groups

●       STEM Makerspace for all ages

●       Ample parking, including 65 stalls and an unloading zone

●       Increased efficiency with new staff work areas with a larger circulation desk, self-checkouts, and holding pickup space

●       Business center and other exciting amenities, including outdoor seating, raised garden beds, and an outdoor Amphitheater either in current or future plans

●       Community Center with a warming kitchen which may be rented for reunions, weddings, celebrations, and community events to improve the community’s quality of life

●       Village offices to provide cost efficiencies for municipal services


“In addition to all the traditional and emerging services provided by a public library, the planned location next to the Fall Creek Mill Pond will capitalize on the opportunity to develop indoor and outdoor venues for professional, social, and recreational activities,” said John Kuehn, Fall Creek Library Board President.


“Plans are currently underway to secure funding for the proposed building project,” said Jared McKee, Village Administrator. “The Board is applying for a grant with a max award of $4.25M, which we are hopeful will fund a large portion of the project. The Board and other community leaders are also actively pursuing a future capital campaign that would provide private giving opportunities, corporate gifts and identify potential support from foundations.”

The public will be invited to provide feedback on the proposed capital campaign by completing a short survey that will be available on the Fall Creek Library website. The deadline to complete the survey is June 21, 2024. Study respondents will provide input to the capital campaign consulting firm, Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC. The firm will analyze the results and write a comprehensive report for the Board of Directors with recommendations and strategic fundraising steps.


The campaign readiness study will be managed by four advisors from Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC, founder and president, Ellen Hongerholt, Jillian Harris, Nicole Hall, and Brittany Bral.

Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC has widespread and successful experience assisting nonprofits and municipalities in fundraising studies and capital campaigns for new facility improvements and expansion. The firm has 25 years of capital campaign experience and has completed 45 successful campaigns, with four of its capital campaigns completed in the Chippewa Valley since 2014.

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