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Agnes' Table: Campaign Readiness Study

The Agnes’ Table & Community Center Board of Directors will begin a Campaign Readiness Study next month to determine the financial capacity, leadership potential, general interest, and economic climate for a possible Phase I $6.5M campaign.


The study will examine the support, opportunities or challenges to raise funds for a new two-story, 20,000 sq. ft. facility proposed to be built at the corner of Bridge and Birch streets.  The Study Summit, to be held on February 29 and March 1, will include a combination of private, confidential interviews, focus groups and an online public survey.  Study respondents will provide input to the capital campaign consulting firm, Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC. The firm will synthesize the results into a comprehensive report for the Board of Directors with recommendations and strategic steps.


Agnes’ Table & Community Center has been serving the Chippewa Valley for 20 years, recognizing the long-term challenges that food instability brings. The mission of the organization, located at 24 W. Grand Ave., is to “provide nutritious meals, hospitality, and advocacy for community members facing challenges by collaborating with local agencies, organizations, and our community.”


The organization currently provides meals to roughly 2,000 individuals, children, and families monthly. Breakfast is served on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with dinner served on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The active food pantry on the premises is open two days per week, while distributing roughly 1,500 pounds of food weekly to 175-200 households.


“We have been literally bursting at the seams for some time,” says Justin Searles, President of the Board.  “Our Board of Directors wants to put forth a plan that will best accommodate the growing needs of our community, but one that will also be prudent from an economic and sustainability perspective for the Chippewa Valley,” he adds.


By raising the funds and creating this new space, Agnes’ Table & Community Center intends to double the services and meals served, among other benefits such as:


●      Expand collaboration with more key community agencies to offer a full spectrum of needs including financial counseling, mental health, physical health, literacy groups, services to Veterans, and more.

●      The ability to receive and store more food and hygiene donations.

●      Improved efficiency of new appliances, HVAC, and utilities, options for future expansion, visibility and accessibility, and the capacity to serve holidays on site.

●      Space to meet current and future needs.


“We are all so excited about the additional benefits that the new space would provide,” says Angela Maloney, Executive Director. “Not only will the building provide a better environment for our guests, but employees and volunteers will save time and efforts that go into accommodating the current space, such as arranging and storing extra donations, as one example. More of our efforts will now go toward serving and providing for our region.”


The Study Summit will outline the most effective fundraising strategy, identify top leadership, evaluate the current and short-term economic climate, recommend an attainable campaign goal, suggest a preliminary campaign timetable, cultivate prospective contributors and volunteers, identify possible challenges/opportunities and provide the chance for area residents to voice their opinions.


The public is invited to provide their feedback on the proposed capital campaign by completing a short survey. Please see “Capital Campaign” tab and click on the survey link, located on the Agnes’ Table & Community Center website.  The deadline to complete the survey is March 1, 2024. For more information, please email Angela Maloney and the Agnes’ Table team at


The campaign readiness study will be managed by four advisors from Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC, founder and president, Ellen Hongerholt, Laura Eddy, Jillian Harris and Brittany Bral.

Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC has widespread and successful experience assisting nonprofits and municipalities in fundraising studies and capital campaigns for new facility improvements and expansion. The firm has 25 years of capital campaign experience and has completed 45 successful campaigns, with a number of those campaigns located in the Chippewa Valley. 


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