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A Three Step Capital Campaign Fundraising Process

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The hallmark of Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC, is hands-on support throughout a three-step capital campaign fundraising process. This process typically takes 12-18 months to reach the fundraising goal. We focus on purpose-centered, holistic strategies to assist clients to reach campaign goals with more than 40 successful campaigns under our belt. This overview covers the steps included in each phase.

First Step: Campaign Readiness Study

Crescendo analyzes the general interest in the project from key stakeholders, the mission, stakeholders’ and region’s awareness of the project, the general support which may be available, and the volunteer leadership potential. This critical element helps lay the foundation and strategy for the pre-campaign and campaign phases.

  • Review local support base and current economic climate for the campaign during the proposed time period

  • Confidential interviews to identify campaign leadership and lead gifts

  • Focus groups of private and organizational partners

  • On-line surveys of donors/supporters to identify additional support and interest

  • Full report of favorable conditions, potential obstacles to address, and strategic recommendations

Second Step: Pre-Campaign Phase

Once the goal has been established as attainable, Crescendo consultants work with you to develop campaign rationale, cultivate leadership for the campaign process, and build key volunteer committees. This time intensive phase sets the stage for successful fundraising.

  • Case Statement and FAQ development builds credibility internally and externally and fosters buy-in with donors prior to “the ask”

  • Volunteer training for committees including Steering, Communications, Finance, and Building

  • Strategize major gifts and recruit additional donors

  • Develop gift table required to meet the goal

Third Step: Campaign

Crescendo consultants provide careful, ongoing management once the campaign is in motion to ensure continued urgency and momentum until the goal is reached.

  • Results-oriented solicitation training for all volunteers

  • Coordination of public launch event when typically 60-70% of the goal has been reached

  • Social media presence established for additional community visibility and support

Crescendo Fundraising Professionals is a results driven firm which understands the importance of following a carefully outlined and methodical process. However, the process is not a cookie cutter approach, but is built on and sustained by collaboration as we work with volunteer and staff leadership to map out the most effective strategy each step of the way.

And at Crescendo, it’s always important for us to have fun the entire process! Our process is hands-on, and we balance it with fun to help make the experience as joy-filled as possible.

To learn more about Crescendo’s 20 plus years of successful campaigns, you can hear from other’s here.

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