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We're Still Fundraising!

Needless to say, it’s been a tough nine months due to Covid-19. But like most businesses, we’re working hard serving our clients and customers. For Crescendo that means getting creative in our fundraising approaches. Here are the three most impactful shifts our campaigns have made:

Utilize internal resources and repositioning for an external audience

One of the tools in our toolbox to successfully support campaigns is a resource called the block chart. It’s a visual representation which breaks down how many gifts are needed and at which levels. As a campaign progresses, this resource is often utilized within our campaign committees internally. But with the pandemic drastically decreasing communicating face-to-face, our team identified an opportunity to bring this visualization to life. In nearly every campaign over the past 22 years there has been an unexpected pledge or donation. It really does happen. During the Flyway Trail campaign a generous donor pledged $100,000. This is a pledge or donation that was not solicited and the contact was not on our prospect list, but through campaign communications was secured as the donor raised their hand and said, “I can help this cause, even if I haven’t yet been asked.” Creativity is one of our specialties, constantly reevaluating our opportunities and bringing to life ideas that fit each specific client.

Block Chart for $7M Capital Campaign

Explore digital advertising to support campaigns for general awareness

In every campaign we look to partner with local companies and with digital advertising it is no exception. Our $7M Story Builder campaign in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, identified a need to spread general awareness of the campaign. We contracted with local digital marketing agency Hookd Promotions, which shared this impactful information on digital advertising. The impact it provided in a short time gave the campaign the awareness catalyst it needed as people were on the move less and even more tied to their devices.

Google, YouTube, and Facebook ads reach a large number of the individuals you desire to reach -- making the platforms great choices for bringing awareness to your cause. The sophisticated targeting capabilities of digital marketing platforms may also help you easily reach new audiences. Digital ads allow users to immediately click through to your landing page, where you can provide additional information and calls to action. This provides the ability to collect contact information for future follow-up. A slightly lesser known form of digital advertising is YouTube advertising. It is a very economical way to place your message on TV! In fact, a recent client campaign received almost 70 percent of their YouTube video ad views on TV screens.

Plan exclusive virtual events to keep confidence and excitement high

It’s important in all campaign events that you identify a specific audience and message for each activity. At each step of the campaign Crescendo helps create targeted lists of prospective donors for all activities, everything from email communications to virtual events. Targeted messaging to these lists helps support the campaign’s goal to ensure a return on investment of putting on events, for example. As a reminder, in a capital campaign of any goal amount, 70 percent of pledges and gifts will be derived from 12 to 16 donors. In this case, utilizing the targeted invitee list will help begin and continue that dialogue with those 12 to 16 donors. In small, intimate virtual events prospective donors may feel more comfortable asking questions and building confidence in their investment and commitment to the cause. It is also important to note, of course, every gift is important -- no matter the size. Yet the targeting 12 to 16 people will provide the needed foundation for a campaign to succeed.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to discuss your organization’s needs. Contact

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