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Phase I: Campaign Readiness Study

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Gathering feedback, interviewing community members, engaging with area leaders. These are all important elements in the Campaign Readiness Study, one of the integral phases of any Successful Capital Campaign. The three phases include the Campaign Readiness Study, Pre-Campaign and the Capital Campaign.

Once a campaign is initiated, Crescendo develops a detailed outline and timeline for executing all stages of the fundraising project. Together, we identify a detailed timeline and follow it thoroughly. A contract is established for the Campaign Readiness Study and a second contract is established for the Pre-Campaign and Campaign based on the results of the study.

The components of the Campaign Readiness Study include:

- Prepare for the Study by identifying initial details of the project, a general goal, campaign plan and key prospects to be studied.

- Create a mini summary to be reviewed by respondents

- Complete 40-60 personal and confidential interviews of the top philanthropic and business community members to ascertain interest in the project, lead gifts, potential financial support, strategy and leadership

- Coordinate at least one focus group consisting of 12 to 14 key area stakeholders each to research general findings, favorable and challenging factors, and recommendations to achieve the goal

- Develop an on-line community survey for members and community leaders

- Complete a Developmental Audit of fundraising processes

- Prepare wealth screening tool to identify key groups of individuals with philanthropic intent in region

The key role of the Campaign Readiness Study is:

- Identify a strategy for the campaign to maximize success and experience expedient results which may provide savings on costs

- Introduce the project to key stakeholders in a professional and non-biased, comfortable manner through focus groups and interviews

- Establish a first-front connection to the consultants to provide credibility for the project under review

- Identify favorable and challenging factors

- Identify volunteer leadership potential

- Plan next steps for campaign based on recommendations from the data input and observations from all respondents

Interested in learning more about why other organizations value our thorough and efficient Readiness Studies and Campaigns? Please email

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