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The Role of a Public Launch

Publicly launching a capital campaign is an important step in the fundraising process. However, no major campaign should start at $0. Once the silent phase of the campaign has been completed, the public launch can start. The silent phase of the campaign is a time period before the official announcement of a campaign. During this time, there has been a commitment of large gifts with the majority of the funds typically being raised.

When the public launch starts, 60-70% of the funds should already be identified.

It is important for at least half of the fundraising goal to be accounted for, because without this substantial amount already gifted, the campaign won’t have the momentum and confidence needed to raise the final amount. Typically, 60 to 70% of the goal will come from 12-16 main contributors.

There are four main purposes for the public launch:

  • Provide awareness: Many times there are multiple campaigns going on at the same time in a community. In addition, depending on the size of the community it is important to not only make the media aware, but also rely on the committees to help bring a wider awareness to the campaign to the general public.

  • Credibility: Supporters want to know their gift is going to a cause that will be seen through and not wasted. Providing credibility to the community that the campaign is successful is key to securing other gifts.

  • Confidence: Strong gifts come from the knowledge of support from large gifts throughout the community. People want to give to causes that are successful.

  • Excitement: Providing excitement in the community and region through an in-person or virtual event will inspire people to join the cause. This is also an opportunity for the attendees to see the impact on the community.

Campaigns require urgency and momentum. All steps of the campaign must be thought through to continue momentum until the goal amount has been fulfilled. When the momentum stops, typically the gifts will also stop.

We highly recommend The Ask Event Handbook by Terry Axelrod. It “provides advice on all aspects of preparing for, carrying out, and following up after the Ask Event.”

Crescendo Fundraising Professionals LLC utilizes a number of proven techniques to successfully reach campaign goals. Please contact us today to help bring your dreams to life.

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