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The Role of a Crescendo Fundraising Consultant

You, like many others, may be hesitant to hire a fundraising consultant because you aren’t sure what exactly they assist with during the fundraising process. So, what exactly does a Crescendo fundraising consultant do? Crescendo’s consultants provide a hands-on approach tailoring a strategy to foster confidence during execution of fundraising techniques.

The consultants oversee and manage all areas of the capital campaign, bringing a high level of support, skill and enthusiasm to aid and assist the volunteers who lead the campaign with their relationships and knowledge of the area. Consultants monitor the process of the campaign readiness study and of each committee in the pre-campaign and campaign phases, identifying possible issues and reporting opportunities or challenges to the Campaign Co-chairs, city council and mayor or port authority or board members.

Typically, we suggest conducting a readiness study to understand if the community is not only accepting of the capital campaign, but is also able to financially fund the campaign. Throughout the readiness study, we will conduct personal, group, and online interviews of on average 100 people in the community who will provide us with key insights. We will then provide the board with our suggestions on if we think the fundraising campaign goal is within reach. Sometimes during this study, we find the goal is too low and there is an opportunity to increase the fundraising amount, because the community is fully supportive of the campaign.

Once it is determined that the campaign moves forward, we move into the capital campaign phase. During this time, we implement proven campaign strategies and follow timelines to secure goals within approximately 12 to 18 months allowing sooner construction or implementation of client goals and thus potentially saving millions of dollars.

Throughout the 12 to 18 months you can expect Crescendo’s advisors to engage in the following activities:

  • Conducts study interviews, analyze data, evaluate the project and analyze the community’s atmosphere to institute a campaign

  • Writes a comprehensive, research-oriented study

  • Provides direction and develops strategy in all pre-campaign and campaign activities unique to each campaign

  • Manages, guides and directs campaign volunteers through the entire project

  • Identifies challenges and advises corrective action

  • Carefully trains and supports all volunteers

  • Reports status of the campaign to the client

  • Encourages philanthropy

  • Inspires confidence in volunteers

  • Solicits the campaign co-chairs or their respective businesses for their key investments to the campaign

We have confidence in our processes because we have proof that they work. Crescendo has completed 42 campaigns and more than 50 Campaign Readiness Studies for 501 (c) 3's and municipalities, with over 20 years of experience. Our advisors have a wide background and experience in fundraising, marketing, advertising, public relations, grant writing, volunteerism, digital marketing platforms as well as Master’s degrees in Philanthropy and Development, Master’s of Business Administration and Communications.

Are you ready to get started discussing your capital campaign? We’d love to hear from you. Please complete our contact form or email to get started.

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