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The Crescendo Difference: More Than a Fundraising Consultant

Over the last 25 years, Crescendo Fundraising Professionals has assisted 42+ municipalities and non-profit organizations in raising over $70 million for various initiatives and capital campaigns primarily in the upper Midwest. Crescendo has helped communities construct or expand municipal libraries, aquatic centers, recreational centers, community centers, senior centers, auditoriums, theaters, schools, and more.

Crescendo offers a process-oriented approach to capital campaign management and training. The Crescendo team has expertise in fundraising, marketing, and public relations. The fundraising process is enhanced by focusing on relationship building and bringing many stakeholders together around a common cause. The goal is to forge community partnerships by facilitating involvement and creating shared ownership in building community mission impact.

When working with Crescendo you can expect a hands-on approach tailored to your organization. The Crescendo team prides itself on being lockstep with co-chairs, committee members, and ensuring the organization meets their goals. The advisors have such great relationships with our clients, that clients frequently ask Crescendo to return for another fundraising initiative. One region in particular, has requested Crescendo fundraising services for five different campaigns with different organizations, because of the strong relationships and trust that has been developed with organizations and committee members.

Crescendo is a results driven firm which understands the importance of following a carefully outlined and methodical process. However, the process is not a cookie cutter approach. It is built on and sustained by collaboration as we work with volunteer and staff leadership to map out the most effective strategy each step of the way.

And at Crescendo, it’s always important for us to have fun the entire process! Our process is hands-on, and we balance it with fun to help make the experience as joy-filled as possible.

To learn more about Crescendo’s 25 years of successful capital campaigns and fundraising coaching services, you can hear from others here.

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