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Favorable Conditions Necessary to Consider a Municipal Campaign

SCORE Capital Campaign, Nevada, Iowa

Even in the best-case scenario, private fundraising initiatives for municipal projects require a specific set of support tactics to keep the campaign on track. Prior to embarking on a campaign readiness study, one should assess the project with these criteria:

- Financial stability of the village, town or city and relative governmental stability within the council.

- No overt confrontation between the city council and the city or leaders in general.

- A village, town or city with history of a generally stable local economic climate.

- A community with several small to mid-sized locally owned manufacturing companies.

-Progression of the project in terms of planning status with options for grants or bonding to support initial work as a basis.

-No looming financial crisis or major local school referendum during a proposed campaign.

- Trust, respect and a good working relationship between the council and municipal /village staff.

- An open-minded outlook with a city government collectively, more positive than critical.

- Vocal leadership of city or village leaders in support of campaign, publicly and behind closed doors.

Are you a municipal leader or staff member who wonders if your village or city has what it takes to initiate a fundraising campaign for new construction or expansion? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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