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3 Tips if Your Campaign Readiness Study Says You Should Revise the Goal

If your campaign readiness study suggests that you should revise the goal you initially set for your campaign, here are three tips to consider:

1. Lower the goal: One option is to adjust your campaign goal to a more realistic and attainable level. By reducing the target amount, you can make the campaign more achievable and increase the likelihood of reaching your fundraising objectives. Lowering the goal doesn't mean compromising on your mission or the impact you want to make; rather, it's about setting a target that aligns with the current fundraising capacity and resources available.

2. Phased approach: Instead of aiming to raise the entire goal amount in a single campaign, consider adopting a phased approach. Break down the larger goal into smaller, manageable milestones or fundraising stages. This approach allows you to focus on achieving incremental targets, which can be more attainable and motivate donors to contribute. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate progress and build momentum for future fundraising efforts.

3. Longer timeline: If your campaign readiness study suggests that your goal is unattainable within the originally planned time frame, extending the timeline can be a viable solution. Giving yourself more time to raise funds allows for a more realistic and measured approach, giving you additional opportunities to engage potential donors, build relationships, and secure contributions. A longer timeline provides the flexibility to implement various fundraising strategies and explore additional avenues for donor cultivation.

Remember that these tips are not mutually exclusive and can be combined as per your specific circumstances. It's crucial to reassess and adjust your campaign strategy based on the findings of the readiness study to maximize your chances of success.

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