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2022 Year in Review

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

We’re so thankful for the wonderful clients we worked with in 2022! Below is a recap of our clients this past year:

Hope Village's $2.7M Capital Campaign in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The purpose of Hope Village is to provide temporary housing to the increasing number of unsheltered individuals and families in the Chippewa Valley while providing case management and supportive services to ensure guests develop and work toward Secure Living Plan goals including financial stability, health resource connection, and permanent housing.

Check out this inspiring video of what they are accomplishing:

The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts $6.75M Campaign Readiness Study, Menominee, Wisconsin

Crescendo helped to identify opportunity areas for the theater to continue to maintain the longevity and sustainability of The Mabel for generations to come.

Check out the gorgeous theater and learn how to visit:

They still have a few upcoming shows this year:

Veritas Classical Academy Case Statement, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Veritas Classical Academy (VCA) exists to educate the minds and inspire the hearts of young people through a content-rich, classical curriculum that emphasizes the principles of moral character and civic responsibility. By intentionally fostering a culture of intrinsic wellness, Veritas Classical Academy prepares students to become the healthy, virtuous, and authentic foundation of future American generations.

Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA) $6M Campaign Readiness Study, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

ORA Trails has a mission of building happy, healthy, and resilient communities by providing sustainable and equitable access to outdoor recreation activities. ORA believes that access to nature improves the human condition. As a partner of the Bluffland Coalition, ORA is dedicated to advocating and developing programs and projects that advance the shared goals of the Blufflands Plan.

Check out the trails in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area and how you can start exploring:

We’re thankful for both our current partners and the past 42 client partners. We’re very grateful to have been a small part of each of your organizations' stories.

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