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How a Benefits-Focused Case Statement Gets Results

The case statement is the backbone of any organization. What is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t give besides not being asked?

It is because there is a lack of clear, credible information outlining the financial strength the benefit of the mission, and the reason why donor support is needed for the organization.


A case statement is the rationale to support a particular cause or mission and should include all details regarding a major capital campaign, fundraising initiative, or program which is soliciting private contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations. 


This case statement workbook is for brand new nonprofits but also nonprofits that may have been in existence for many years but need a new review to aid further cultivation and stewarding of your donors. 

$1,950 Case Statement Writing Workbook

  • PDF Planning Workbook

  • 16-Week Timeline

  • 1 free mini-development audit/kickoff session

$2,950 Case Writing + Review​

  • PDF Planning Worksheet

  • 16-Week Timeline

  • Two reviews of the full case for feedback (6 hours)

    • The page limit is 25 pages.

  • The reviews are completed within 3 months of purchase

+a la carte meeting is $2,150​

After you complete this workbook, you will:

  • Have a solid Case Statement draft to produce/print

  • Be able to repurpose the content for grants and future communications


What’s your return on investment?

  • Your investment can be returned in as little as one solicitation with a thorough Case Statement.

  • Or you could use this workbook to help write a grant.


Solicitation Training Workbook

Our step-by-step workbook helps take your fundraising to the next level!


Annual Fund Launch Event Workbook

Our event process helps focus on the mission while planning and executing an event that can raise six figures.

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