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Solicitation Training Workbook

Solicitation Training is a tool that takes your fundraising to the next level. When do you ask for money and how? Our step-by-step workbook helps take the fear out of soliciting and has the capacity to grow your pledges and donor base exponentially.

$2,150 Solicitation Training

  • PDF Planning Worksheet

    • Including Script!

  • 1 free mini-development audit/kickoff session​

$2,750 Solicitation Training + Meeting

  • PDF Planning Worksheets

  • 2 30-minute meeting calls

  • The meetings are completed within 1 month of purchase. 

+a la carte Meeting is $1,550

After you complete this workbook, you will:

  • Be confident in your solicitation approach

  • Have expanded your network of solicitors

  • Have invited more people into your organization and expanded your network


What’s your return on investment?

  • Your investment can be returned in as little as one solicitation because you will feel confident and ready to complete more solicitations than you ever had in the past.

Case Statement Writing Workbook

Your investment can be returned in as little as one solicitation with a thorough Case Statement.


Annual Fund Launch Event Workbook

Our event process helps focus on the mission while planning and executing an event that can raise six figures.

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